May, 2015. Redhook Waterfront.  


Red Hook is known for its warehouses, but the spacious waterfront can make it seem a world away from the rest of Brooklyn. It’s also the ideal spot to indulge in some seafood and relaxation.


In June of 2012, the owners of Brooklyn Mexican restaurant Alma, itself located on a Columbia Street waterfront rooftop, finished Brooklyn Crab, which overlooks New York Harbor from 24 Reed Street.


The rustic, no-frills decor of Brooklyn Crab is inspired by Maryland crab shacks. The open-air restaurant serves up family-style seafood along with staggering views and outdoor games for adults and kids alike.


The seafood menu features delicacies hailing from the uppermost tip of the Atlantic Coast all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, including Maine lobster, Sewansecott oysters, and Prince Edward Island clams.


While the kids play beanbag toss, bocce, and mini-golf on the lower deck, adults can sip beers, play pool, or chow down on crabs at the picnic tables.


The second-floor bar has the charming feel of a New England watering hole…


…and the top terrace offers unforgettable views of the New York City skyline. If you time it just right, you will get a free fantastic sunset along with your meal.


If the weather’s beautiful, you really have no excuse. Grab some friends, come on down to Brooklyn Crab, and celebrate summer the way it was meant to be celebrated!